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100 mm Uni-directional glass Tape - 600g Sq Mtr

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Unidirectional fiberglass tape is an advanced composite material specifically designed to provide exceptional directional strength and stability for a variety of industrial applications. This tape consists of parallel strands of glass fibres, all oriented in the same direction, held together by a lightweight woven scrim or continuous weft, ensuring ease of handling and precise application.
Key Features:
- High Strength and Stability: The unidirectional alignment of fibres ensures maximum strength in the primary direction, making it ideal for reinforcing structures that require high tensile strength.
- Ease of Application: The tape contours well to different shapes and surfaces, reducing the build time and simplifying the lay-up process. It can be used with various resin systems, including polyester and epoxy.
- Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications including marine, aerospace, automotive, and construction. It's commonly used in the reinforcement of floor beams, omega profiles, wings, and elevators.
- Aerospace: Used in the construction and repair of aircraft components such as spar caps and wing structures.
- Marine: Reinforces longitudinal parts of boats, including floor beams and hulls.
- Automotive: Enhances the structural integrity of vehicle components, providing improved safety and performance.
- Construction: Applied in building reinforcements where high tensile strength is crucial, such as in bridges and other critical infrastructure.
Unidirectional fiberglass tape is a superior choice for projects requiring high-strength reinforcement, ease of use, and versatility across various industries.

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What type of resin system can i use with this uni directional tape?

You can use an Epoxy, Vinylester or a Polyester Resin.
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