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Spray Gelcoat (Polyester)

Most of the spray gelcoats listed here are Scott Bader GT-900, with the exception of Scott Bader LS97PA. As GT-900 is a geltint base we can supply in ANY colour, in addition to the those listed below. We can also precisely colour match to your sample.

Crystic® Gelcoat GT-900 has been developed to have excellent intrinsic water and weather resistance. The viscosity profile ensures even coverage with minimal drainage and low film porosity. Crystic® Gelcoat GT-900 has been approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.
Crystic® Gelcoat GT-900 is recommended for use in the marine, building and transport industries. It is also suitable for general moulding requirements.

All gelcoats are supplied with catalyst.

Please call us on 0191 4975134 for colours not listed below.

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