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3" Foam Brush

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These foam brushes are the ultimate finishing brushes. Unlike conventional bristle brushes these will not leave broken or loose bristles behind in your varnish, paint and epoxy coatings. The specially formulated polyurethane foam absorbs the finish consistently and allows it to spread out uniformly across the width of the foam giving a smooth, even flow. This means that fewer strokes are needed to cover the work. A patented polyethylene insert gives the foam support and stiffens it to a bristle like flexibility. The wooden handles are sized proportionately to the foam making these brushes very easy to control. A chisel tip on the foam assists with fine tasks such as cutting in and covering small detailed areas.

Suitable for the application of enamels, latex, oil paint, stains epoxy and varnishes, these foam brushes are available in three widths to suit small to large scale projects. These brushes are designed to be disposed of after use. These brushes are also ideal for applying PVA release agent to build up thin even coats if spraying is not an option. PVa release agent can be washed out of these brushes using warm soapy water should you wish to use again.
Foam brushes also help to obtain an excellent finish to any final epoxy coating, after applying several coats of epoxy using a short pile foam roller, apply a further coat with the roller then pull the tip of a foam brush gently over the wet epoxy at a 45degree angle (not too fast and just touching the surface) and this will leave a beautiful smooth high gloss Finnish to your laminate. Ideal for finishing furniture, wooden boats, stitch and tape canoes etc.

Important: these brushes are not suitable for applying polyester or vinylester resins or other materials with an aggressive solvent additive which may dissolve the foam

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