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50mm Carbon Fibre plain weave tape - 240g

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Carbon fibre tapes are a flexible material made from carbon fibres and are extremely strong and lightweight. For optimum results it is best to use an Epoxy resin.

Common uses of carbon fibre tape include:

Repair: Carbon fibre tapes can be used to reinforce structures and repair damaged components/ laminates. They can also be applied to surfaces to enhance their strength and stiffness. 

Manufacturing: A Carbon fibre tape an important part in the production of composite materials. It is, often used in combination with epoxy resins to create lightweight and a high strength composite part.

Leisure: The lightweight and strong nature of carbon fibre make it ideal for use in the construction of high performance equipment like tennis rackets, canoes, archery ,golf clubs, and racing bicycle frames.

Automotive: Carbon tapes are used in the production of composite parts such as body panels, interior parts, and chassis components to improve fuel efficiency through weight reduction and overall performance.

Marine: Carbon fibre tape is used in the marine industry as part of boat hulls, sailing masts, and many more composite laminates/ parts.

Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, carbon fibre tapes are utilized for manufacturing components like aeroplane wings, fuselage sections. Its high strength-to-weight ratio is particularly advantageous in aviation.

Overall, the versatility, strength, and lightweight nature of carbon fibre tape make it a valuable material in a wide range of industries and applications.

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