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AOC Thinners
Durabuild Thinners - 5 Lt
When thinning surface primer add up to 10% by volume.

A blend of solvents formulated to enhance the flow and leveling properties of Duratec primers and hi-gloss coatings.


For use with all Duratec products requiring thinning prior to use.


Duratec Thinner enhances the flow and leveling properties of Duratec primers and hi-gloss coatings. The end result is reduced porosity and orange peel.

Product Properties (at the time of manufacturing)
All time calculations are based on temperatures of 77┬░F, 25┬░C

Paint Related Material UN1263

Flash Point 23┬░F

Specific Gravity  .797 gm/cc @ 20┬░C

Weight per Gallon  6.65 lbs

Evaporation Rate  >1 (n-butyl acetate=1)

Volatile Organic Compounds 797 g/L

Vapor Pressure  41.3 mm hg

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Model:  868-868
Brand:  Duratec

AOC Thinners

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