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Armacell PET Foam Core

100% recycled PET foam core sheets available here in 4 thicknesses. This material is used extensively in wind turbine production as well as many more areas. Its benefits include high strength to weight ratio, thermal stability and insulation as well as acoustic insulation properties.

Armacell PET is suitable for use with a wide variety of resins including polyester, vinylester and epoxy.

Sheets can be cut by blade or saw and butted together.

Armacell PET core is made from 100% post consumer plastics and is recyclable.

100kg /m3 has similar properties to PVC 80kg/m3 and is roughly half the price!

Benefits of using PET core.
High compression strength, high shear strength
Being a thermoplastic, inserting screws etc does not cause the foam to break down to dust (like PU or PVC). Screws can be re-inserted
DNV/GL Classification
Excellent Fire Smoke and Toxicity certification.
Excellent impact absorption due to thermoplastic properties

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