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Cloth, Fabric and Tapes

GRP and Composite Cloths, Fabrics and Tapes
We sell over 100 different composite cloths, fabrics and tapes - All in stock in our warehouse for fast delivery.

There are many different fiber types available in the composites industry with a variety of different properties, including Fibreglass Biaxial, Triaxial, Uni Directional, Carbon, Aramid , Diolen and others, all available in Twill, plain, Satin, and hybrid weaves and all have uses for different applications.  

Fibreglass is the most common in the industry due to its low cost and wide availability, spread across a variety of industries such as Marine, Aviation, Leisure and Building. Fibreglass comes in a several grades of which ‘E Glass’ and ‘S-Glass’ are the most common.

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