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CG110 Replacement O-Rings

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The CG110 Gelcoat Spraying Cup Gun and its nozzles are equipped with O-rings to create a secure, leak-proof seal. However, with regular usage, these O-rings may wear out or deteriorate, necessitating replacements to prevent leaks and maintain the spray gun's functionality.

Every O-ring in the gun and nozzle is replaceable. The CG110 Gelcoat Spraying Cup Gun includes a special tool to assist with disassembly. The following O-ring sizes are used in the gun and nozzle:

- 2 x 20mm O-rings for the Nozzle holder
- 1 x 16mm O-ring for the Nozzle
- 1 x 14mm O-ring for the Trigger (external)
- 1 x 7mm O-ring for the Trigger (internal)

Purchase Options

A Complete Replacement O-Ring Set is available for the CG110 Gelcoat Spray Gun, as well as individual O-rings for the nozzles.

Installation Instructions

Dismantling the CG110 Gelcoat Spraying Gun is necessary to replace the O-rings. The included multi-tool assists with this process. Additionally, a 4mm allen key, 14mm socket, medium-sized flat-bladed screwdriver, and thread sealant are required.

Nozzle O-Ring Replacement

Unscrew the nozzle if it's more than hand tight using the CG110 Gun's included tool. Replace the O-ring, being careful not to damage the brass. Clean the recess, slide the new O-ring into place, and screw the nozzle back in, finger tight only.

Nozzle Holder O-Ring Replacement

Unscrew the grub screw above the nozzle holder using a 4mm Allen key. Remove the old O-rings gently, clean the recesses, and slide the new O-rings into place. Reinsert the nozzle holder, apply fresh thread sealant to the grub screw, and tighten it with the Allen key.

Trigger External O-Ring Replacement

Remove the trigger mechanism, including the button and spring. Using a 14mm socket, unscrew the mechanism to access the external O-ring. Replace the O-ring, clean the seat, and reassemble the trigger mechanism.

Trigger Internal O-Ring Replacement

Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to remove the brass plug inside the trigger mechanism, exposing the internal O-ring. Replace the O-ring, ensuring the brass isn't damaged, and reassemble the plug and trigger mechanism carefully.


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