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CG110 Spray Cup Gun

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Introducing the updated and improved CG110 Gelcoat Spraying Cup Gun, an ideal tool for applying a range of materials such as gel-coat, resin, sandable primers, paints, and adhesives through spraying.

Designed with ease of use and cleanliness in mind, this spray gun is tailor-made for high viscosity materials like composite resins and gel coats. It comes equipped with a standard 4mm nozzle, which is excellent for the efficient and uniform application of materials like epoxy, polyester, vinylester gel coats, as well as various resins, adhesives, and pattern-coat primers.

The CG110 model offers versatility with its ability to accommodate different nozzle sizes, allowing for easy adjustment according to the viscosity of different resins. This feature ensures optimal performance by selecting the right nozzle size. Additional nozzles are available for purchase.

For maintenance, the CG110 Gelcoat Spraying Cup Gun can be easily taken apart, and common replacement parts are readily available in stock. This includes replacement O-rings for both the nozzle and the gun, as well as a replacement Plastic Cup in case of damage.

**Usage Instructions:**

This cup-gun is specifically designed for spraying pre-activated resins and gel coats, meaning that hardeners or catalysts must be thoroughly mixed into the resin before beginning to spray. The gun utilizes disposable cups for holding and mixing the gel coat or resin with the hardener or catalyst. These disposable cups fit into a durable outer cup that attaches securely to the gun's lid/body via a spring mechanism.

The gun's grip features a 1/4" inch BSP male thread for easy connection to an air-line using a 1/4" BSP female hose-tail barb (available separately). For a secure and leak-free connection, it's recommended to use PTFE tape.

To use, position the gun around 50cm from the mold surface, and spray by pulling the trigger while smoothly moving over the surface. After use, the gun can be easily disassembled for cleaning; just remove the spring to release the cup, dispose of the disposable cup and any leftover material, and rinse the gun parts in acetone.

**Air Pressure and Throughput:**

The CG110 should operate with an air feed pressure between 60 and 100 psi, typically using about 5.8cfm at 80 psi.

**Safety Guidelines:**

Remember, spraying any liquid can increase the presence of vapors/fumes. Always protect yourself by wearing appropriate masks and eye/skin protection during spraying.


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