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Crystic Roof FR Topcoat - Dark Grey - Fire Retardant

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CrysticROOF FR Topcoat has been developed to ensure good intrinsic weathering properties and good water
resistance. The robust formulation ensures the topcoat is suitable for use in a wide range of application conditions. The topcoat is fire-retardant: The roof covering is classified BROOF (t4) when used as a full system with Crystic Roofing Resin. Documentation is available on request.

Product Characteristics

Ideally the CrysticROOF FR Topcoat and ambient temperature should be at, or above, 15ºC before curing is carried out. Lower temperatures will lengthen the cure time considerably. Stir well by hand, or witha low shear mixer to avoid aeration, and then allow to stand to regain thixotropy. CrysticROOF FR Topcoat requires only the addition of a catalyst to start the curing reaction. The recommended catalyst is Catalyst M (or Butanox M50), which should be added at 2% into the gelcoat. (Please consult our Technical Service Department if other catalysts are to be used). The catalyst should be thoroughly incorporated into the topcoat, with a low shear mechanical stirrer where possible.

Crystic Roofing materials are guaranteed for 10 or 15 years, depending on the specifications of the installation.

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