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Epoxy Compatible Polyester Gel-coat (inc Catalyst)

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Crystic Gelcoat 252PA is a pre-accelerated, isophthalic gelcoat designed as an in-mould gelcoat with excellent
adhesion to epoxy resins without the need for a tie-coat. Formulated for brush application.

Polyester Pigment must be used for pigmentation.


Crystic Gelcoat 252PA is designed for use with wet lay and vacuum injected epoxy systems.
If 252PA is used as a gelcoat with polyester laminating systems, then adhesion failure is likely to occur.
Similarly if 252PA is “double gelled”, then this is also likely to lead to adhesion failure. For these reasons,
neither of these procedures is recommended.

It is not recommended for use in any application which is subject to continuous immersion in water.
It is also not recommended for epoxy pre-pregs.
Although an epoxy laminate will mechanically bond securely to the 252pa gelcoat in a moulding process , 252pa cannot be used on top of a cured epoxy laminate as it will not bond.

Features and Benefits

Crystic Gelcoat 252PA has good epoxy bonding characteristics and excellent weather resistance. It has been
shown to give a robust, reliable bond with a number of wet lay epoxy resin systems, but users should check with
their specific epoxy system supplier or perform a test themselves before proceeding with use.

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Q & A

Can i apply 2 layers of the Epoxy compatible Polyester  Gelcoat?

No, this will lead to adhesion failure between the two coatings, only 1 single layer is advised. 

Will this work with a general purpose Polyester resin?

No, it is only to be used with an Epoxy system, again adhesion failure will occur in this instance.

Can i add pigment this Gelcoat and which one do i use Epoxy pigment or Polyester pigment?

You should use polyester pigments in this - add enough to make the opacity acceptable but try to keep this at 10%  or below  and do not go above 12%. For very strong colours like black then 5% should be adequate.

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