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Fine Casting Plaster Plus

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Fine Casting Plaster Plus is what you are most likely to buy in most craft shops as it is a great general moulding and casting plaster, and suitable for a wide range applications.

This is the upgraded and improved version of the old Fine Casting Plaster. It has longer shelf life and improved formulation.

Most large objects and impression work, fibrous plasterwork, decorative moulds.
Water addition ratio of 100:70 - or 1kg of plaster to 0.7 litres of water - sets in 13-20 minutes at room temperature.
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I want to take a mould from a decorative cornice and then reproduce in plaster to replace a damaged section. what moulding media should I use for the mould? baring in mind the cornice is in situ.

you can use latex dipping rubber for this. simply apply several layers with a brush after you first 3 layers have dried you can use a thixo latex agent to make a a batch with a more buttery consistency to speed up application. then you will need to make a hard supportive backing from plaster bandage to support the mould.
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