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Herculite no 2 plaster

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Herculite no 2 is a hard white plaster for use where colour - high strength and surface durability are required.

large casts may require the inclusion of mesh or fibre reinforcement.
Plaster/water ratio by weight 100/42, 2.38kg per litre
Setting time: 6-25 minutes

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I want to take a mould from a decorative cornice and then reproduce in plaster to replace a damaged section. what moulding media should I use for the mould? baring in mind the cornice is in situ.

you can use latex dipping rubber for this. simply apply several layers with a brush after you first 3 layers have dried you can use a thixo latex agent to make a a batch with a more buttery consistency to speed up application. then you will need to make a hard supportive backing from plaster bandage to support the mould.

What would be the advantage of using this over fine casting plaster?

Herculite has a harder surface and is stronger than plaster, plaster can be quite soft on the surface and will wear down , chip and scratch easily if handled too much, Herculite is more resistant to this and has a harder surface.
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