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Framed Paddle Roller 12"

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A very useful consolidating roller which can be attached to our extension poles for laminating on floors/ roofs etc while standing.

As it is made from aluminium it is easy to clean in acetone.   
In the event of a seized roller due to cured resin you can simply strip down and clean this paddle roller by doing the following:   first remove the screw at the end of the roller head, slide the roller head from the shaft of eth roller handle and let all the parts soak in acetone overnight or for a few days. 
 you should soon notice the resin has started to soften and even curl away from inside the roller head’s grooves.  clamp the roller head into a vice and use a wire brush to clean out the grooves. Use a thin long file to remove any resin debris from inside the head.  Clean the shaft with acetone and wire wool and also clean the screw. Wax the shaft with mould release wax and reassemble the roller. It should now work as good as new providing all cured resin has been cleaned from the head and the roller shaft.



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