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Hi temp Vac Release film - VACleaseR1.2

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The Hi temp Vac Release film - VACleaseR1.2 is a specialized FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) film designed for a range of demanding applications in vacuum bagging and composite molding. This film is characterized by its excellent elongation properties, allowing it to conform easily to complex profiles. The surface chemistry of FEP ensures outstanding release characteristics, ensuring that the film releases cleanly from a wide range of resin systems. This non-perforated film is particularly suitable for use with pre-pregs. The product is 1200 mm wide and has a thickness of 20 microns.

The VACleaseR1.2 film is available in a red color and can be used in a maximum temperature of 230°C. It also comes in different thicknesses, including 0.012mm (12 micron), 0.020mm (20 micron), and 0.025mm (25 micron), offering flexibility for various applications.

Moreover, high-temperature FEP release films like VACleaseR1.2 are extremely durable and highly conformable, making them ideal for direct contact with laminates in vacuum bagging processes. Their superior non-stick performance ensures easy removal from parts after vacuum bagging is complete. These high elongation films are more pliable than other release films and are suited for use in temperatures up to 500°F. The films are available in two styles: a solid sheet with no perforations for closer control of resin content in laminates, and a perforated version that allows excess air and resin to pass through, making it well-suited for vacuum infusion.

This product is 1200 mm wide and is 20 microns thick.

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