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Lloyd's approved Polyester Resin - WHITE (inc catalyst) - Crystic 2-446PA

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Lloyd's Approved Polyester Resin Crystic 2-446 PA is a high-performance, pre-accelerated, thixotropic spray viscosity polyester resin renowned for its low styrene emission. This resin is designed for rapid wet-out, low exotherm, and quick hardening, making it ideal for spray or hand lay-up applications requiring fast mould turnaround. Its unique formulation includes a colour change mechanism to indicate the presence of a catalyst, ensuring precise application. Crystic 2-446 PA is approved by both Det Norske Veritas and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping for use in the construction of crafts, highlighting its reliability and quality in marine and industrial applications.


1. Marine Industry: Utilized in the construction and repair of boats and other marine vessels due to its approval by Lloyd's Register of Shipping.
2. Industrial Moulding: Suitable for producing high-quality industrial moulds where fast turnaround times are essential.
3. Automotive Parts: Employed in the manufacturing of automotive parts that require durability and precision.
4. Construction: Used in various construction applications where strong, durable composites are needed.
5. Aerospace Components: Ideal for aerospace applications that demand materials with high strength-to-weight ratios and stringent quality standards.
6. Crystic 2-446 PA is also used widely for roofing, motorcycle repair, canoe / kayak build and repair, sub – box build, timber sheathing, general moulding and many other applications.


1. Low Styrene Emission: Significantly reduces styrene emissions during the spray-up phase, making it environmentally friendly and safer for workers.
2. Fast Curing Time: Rapid wet-out and quick hardening properties allow for faster mould turnaround, increasing production efficiency.
3. High Performance: Provides excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and modulus, ensuring durable and reliable end products.
4. Versatile Formulation: Available in various geltimes and viscosities, accommodating different application needs and conditions.
5. Colour Change Mechanism: Built-in colour change system indicates the presence of a catalyst, enhancing accuracy and ease of use during application.
6. Temperature Resilience: Demonstrates reliable performance at workshop temperatures, with additional benefits from post-curing at higher temperatures.
7. Lloyd's and DNV Approved: Official approvals from leading maritime certification bodies affirm the resin's quality and suitability for high-stakes applications.

Full drums of this resin are available with or without catalyst. To comply with Hazardous transport regulations, larger amounts of this resin may be decanted into 5L containers or delivered on a pallet. Please read the Safety Data Sheet before use.

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Is there a colour code to the white pigment in the resin?

Yes this is Scott Bader's white 337, classed as super white. Before use always agitate the tin as the pigment will sometimes settle.
Scott Bader
Scott Bader
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