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Marbocote mould sealer

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Product Description:

Marbocote® Mould Sealer is designed as a mould sealer for glass reinforced polyester (GRP), vinyl ester, epoxy or metal moulds.
Marbocote Mould Sealer is an advanced polymeric resin in an organic solvent blend. The resin both seals micro porosity and fills minor scratches on the mould surface.
The result is a smooth, high gloss surface primed for Marbocote top-coat application.
Marbocote Mould Sealer is especially recommended for use on new moulds and repaired areas on older moulds.

Product Benefits:
• Efficient mould sealer and primer
• Easy application
• Enhances mould gloss (see application details for appropriate coating technique)
• Low odour
• Minimal mould build-up
• Versatile, can be used on all mould Surfaces
• Durable; provides semi-permanent base-coat for mould release agent

Please read Safety Data Sheet before use, and also refer to demonstration in video guide section on website.
. If necessary, polish mould to desired level of gloss.
Marbocote Mould Sealer should only be applied to clean and dry mould surfaces. If a wax or silicone based release agent has been used previously, remove all traces of previous product using a solvent based cleaner such as Marbocote Mould Cleaner.
Mould cleaning and Marbocote Mould Sealer application should be performed in a well-ventilated area.
1. Apply Marbocote Mould Sealer to clean, dry cotton cloth.
2. Gently wipe over mould surface covering an area of approximately 0.5-1m2.
3. Wait 10-20 seconds (until the edges of the wet film start to dry). Using a second dry cotton cloth gently spread the wet film. Do NOT wipe dry. Vigorous rubbing or polishing is not required.
4. Repeat until mould is completely coated. Ensure each application area overlaps the last to ensure complete coverage.
5. Allow at least 10 minutes to cure between coats.
6. Repeat Steps 1-5 above for a further 2 coats (3 in total).
7. Allow final film to cure for at least 30 minutes at room temperature before applying Marbocote top-coat. Allowing a longer cure or heat curing (e.g. 10 min at 60oC) will improve film durability.

Marbocote Mould Sealer can be used a sealer and primer for any Marbocote top-coat, e.g. Marbocote CMR, 221, 227, GRP ECO, 75CEE and 75ECO. See the specific technical data sheet for application information.

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