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Marbocote mould cleaner

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Product Description:

Marbocote® Mould Cleaner is blend of organic solvents designed to remove dirt, grease and contaminants from a mould surface.
The Marbocote Mould Cleaner is particularly efficient at removing silicone, wax or other types of buildup on the mould.
Marbocote Mould Cleaner is designed not to soften or dull mould materials (such as GRP). Consequently,
Marbocote Mould Cleaner can be used on any metallic or thermo set mould.
Marbocote Mould Cleaner should be used immediately prior to the application of Marbocote Sealers or Release Agents.

Product Benefits:

  • Efficient cleaner
  • Medium dry time
  • Non-chlorinated solvents
  • Versatile, can be used on all mould Surfaces

Please read Safety Data Sheet before use, and also refer to demonstration in video guide section on website.
Heavy build-up and resin deposits may be removed by an abrasive medium, e.g. polishing compound or even shot blasting, prior to using the Marbocote Mould Cleaner. If necessary, polish mould to desired level of gloss prior to using the Marbocote Mould Cleaner.
1. Generously apply the Marbocote Mould Cleaner to a clean, dry cotton cloth.
2. Wipe over mould surface covering an area of approximately 0.5m2.
3. With a second dry cloth, wipe off the wet film. Do not allow the wet film to dry before wiping off as this will simply redeposit contaminants picked-up by the solvent. Continue wiping until the mould surface is dry.
4. Repeat steps 1 -3 on the adjacent area. Ensure a good overlap with the previous area to ensure the entire mould surface is cleaned.
5. If either cloth becomes dirty, or if the second cloth becomes wet, replace with a fresh clean cloth and repeat Steps 1-4.
6. Frequently re-apply Marbocote Mould Cleaner to the wet cloth.
7. Repeat until mould is completely cleaned.

Test for cleanliness:
Visually inspect the mould for signs of dirt or streaks. If necessary, repeat cleaning procedure in that area. To test the cleanliness of the surface, apply a standard pressure sensitive tape (e.g. masking tape) to the mould surface. When the tape is removed from the surface, stiff resistance should be observed. If the tape fails to stick firmly, repeat cleaning procedure.
If polishing a GRP mould, it is recommended that a non-wax containing polish be used. If a polish containing a wax is used, the wax produces an artificial gloss that will be removed by the Marbocote Mould Cleaner hence dulling the finish.

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