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Multi-purpose Screws - double countersunk yellow 6mm

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Crafted with precision as a versatile solution, this screw boasts a 25° sharp point, a unique thread design, lubrication, and corrosion-resistant plating to consistently deliver top-notch performance across a range of materials, including hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic, and thin sheet metal. Its exceptional holding power is unmatched.

Key Features:
• Double countersunk design minimizes the risk of head shear and aids in achieving a flush surface.
• Patented lubrication enhances screw insertion, while corrosion resistance is maximized.
• A deep 40° single thread ensures a secure fixation with impressive pull-out resistance.
• Surface hardening up to 750 HV prevents torque shearing under load, with a core hardness of up to 450 HV for improved flexibility.
• A single slash on screws with a length of 25mm or more reduces torque and the possibility of timber splitting when inserted near the edge.
• Sizes up to and including 75mm feature full threading, while lengths of 80mm and above have a 70mm thread length for optimal performance.


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