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Photochromic Pigment Powder - Magenta

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This sunlight-responsive pigment exhibits fascinating colour shifts when exposed to the sun. In a dormant state, it remains clear and colourless. However, under direct sunlight, it transforms into a strikingly vibrant shade.

The transition time for this sunlight-reactive pigment is impressively brief. This smart material has a reversible attribute - once removed from sunlight, it reverts to its original shade. This pigment, encased in tiny protective shells, contains a photochromic dye and has an average particle size ranging between 2-5um.

Nevertheless, it's important to treat this product with caution. Avoid exposing it to prolonged direct sunlight, as this could hamper its colour-changing and reversing efficiency. It also possesses a high sensitivity to elevated temperatures.

Light-sensitive pigments such as this one can easily blend into a medium. However, it requires combination with a binder for practical applications. It is suggested to maintain a 10% pigment ratio when blending it with a binder. For everyday use, form an ink using 5g of this sunlight-reactive pigment product.

To employ this sunlight-responsive pigment, mix it with your selected binder (compatible with both water and solvent-based), in either a metal or plastic container.

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