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Plastilin Plasticine

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Versatile wax-based plasticine that's perfect for modelling, crafting, and play. With its permanent malleability and almost odorless formula, Plastilin is ideal for use in workshops, schools, and at home.

Within a short time, Plastilin becomes supple and easy to shape, allowing for quick and beautiful results without any creative limitations. Plus, with both soft and hard grades available, you can mix and match to achieve the perfect level of hardness for your needs.

The Soft grade, with its ivory color and softer, more malleable texture, is great for working by hand, while the Hard grade, in grey, is better suited for fine detail work.

Plastilin is dimensionally stable at room temperature and easy to shape and work with when heated. Plus, it's made with micro-waxes commonly used in food and cosmetic products, making it sulfur-free, preservative-free, formaldehyde-free, gluten-free, food-safe, and non-toxic.

In short, Plastilin is the high-quality, versatile, and safe choice for all your modelling and crafting needs.


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