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M8 Hexagon Nut stainless steel - SIGHTED

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M8 Hexagon Nut - stainless steel insert - 32mm back plate - Sighted, ie you can see through thread and back plate. 

Grade 316 Stainless Steel


Ideal for applications where the fastening has to be out of sight. Bonding fasteners are extremely versatile, they can be used on a number of different materials providing equally strong and reliable fixing. They are widely used in the automotive and marine and aerospace industries, highly regarded for their light weight and durability.

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Can i bond straight onto an existing Fiberglass/ Composite panel, and if so what is the best adhesive to use?

Surface preparation is vital for successful bonding. Thoroughly abrade the composite panel with a P40 grade paper, remove dust and then wipe with Acetone. Then abrade steel insert and wipe with Acetone or submerge for a period to remove any grease ect.We sell EC1000 Acrylic which is a very high strength, two-component, methacrylate-based adhesive for use in surface-mounting.