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PU (polyurethane) Foam Liquid

Tripor 227 is a high performance rigid, closed cell polyurethane foam system suitable for a wide range of gap filling and buoyancy applications. Also used for craft and prop-making applications.

Each Kg of foam will support approximately 27kg in water.

Mix thoroughly with a palette knife or mechanical stirrer then pour immediately into the cavity, you only have about 25 seconds before the reaction starts. The foam will reach it's maximum rise in approximately 2 minutes, it sets hard in approximately 30 minutes. The amount of expansion varies according to the ambient temperature. At this stage, it is highly adhesive bonding firmly to most materials - be very careful not to let it contact the eyes or skin, observe safety data sheets.
It's best to mask around the cavity, this will ensure any overflow will not adhere to your surrounding area.
2 Kg of mix will produce approximately 2 cu. Ft. of foam.

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After mixing how long do i have before the reaction takes place? and can you pour onto fresh existing foam?

It will take approximately 2- 30 seconds for the foam to start rising so be careful not to mix too much at once, it is a good idea to use a mechanical whisk to mix as the more air you can promote into the foam the better it will rise.
Yes you can also pour onto recently poured foam.

Model:  1717-1751
Brand:  East Coast Fibreglass Supplies

PU (polyurethane) Foam Liquid

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