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RAL 1013 (GT) Polyester Pigment - Oyster White
Crystic® Polyester Pigment Pastes are specially formulated for use in polyester gelcoats and resins.

Crystic® Polyester Pigment Pastes are formulated for use and have been fully tested in most Crystic® products. They can be used with other gelcoat and resin systems; however, we do not guarantee their performance in these products. To avoid problems with viscosity, colour separation, water and chemical resistance and weathering, it is recommended that sample tests are carried out by the customer before use.
Some colours are not suitable for low-taint applications.

Crystic® Polyester Pigment Pastes can be used for other applications not involving polyesters, e.g. epoxy flooring. Sample tests should always be carried out by the customer before use. Please consult our Technical Service Department for any advice on the above applications.

Scott Bader purchase high performance pigment powders which are finely dispersed in a Crystic® resin to manufacture Crystic® Polyester Pigment Pastes. Crystic® Polyester Pigment Pastes do not contain any fillers or other extenders.
The level of Crystic® Polyester Pigment Paste required to achieve sufficient performance and opacity will depend on the colour. For white or pale colours we recommend you purchase the white gelcoat from Scott Bader to remove the risk of diluting the properties of the gelcoat with excess pigment addition. Generally, we recommend addition of 8-10 % Crystic® Polyester Pigment in Crystic® polyester gelcoats and addition of
4-5 % in in Crystic® polyester resins.

Crystic® Polyester Pigment Pastes should be thoroughly dispersed in the gelcoat or resin before the addition of the catalyst. This can be done by stirring well by hand or with a low shear mixer to avoid aeration. When mixing by hand, we recommend that the pigment paste is dispersed in a small quantity of gelcoat or resin before being added to the bulk.
For critical applications, pre-pigmented gelcoats or resins should be used wherever possible.

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Model:  1033-2521
Brand:  East Coast Fibreglass Supplies

RAL 1013 (GT) Polyester Pigment - Oyster White

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