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Seajet Shogun 033 Antifoul

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Seajet 033 Shogun is a self-polishing antifouling paint highly regarded for its effectiveness in preventing the accumulation of marine organisms such as algae and weeds on the hulls of yachts and motorboats. It's suitable for vessels traveling up to 40 knots and is praised for its performance in high fouling areas. A notable aspect of this product is its endorsement by Practical Boat Owner magazine, which awarded it "Best on Test."

This antifouling paint offers a coverage of 22 square meters per 2.5 liters, with recommended application on substrates like fiberglass, wood, and steel, although it should not be used on aluminum. It's versatile, being applicable in both fresh and saltwater conditions. Available color options include grey, blue, navy, red, and black, providing a good selection to match various boat aesthetics.

Regarding application, Seajet recommends using a brush, roller, or paint pad, noting that if you're applying three coats, a roller is the best choice. It's important to ensure that the existing paint film is thoroughly dry before re-coating, with specific drying times provided based on the ambient temperature

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