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SR Greenpoxy 33 Epoxy Resin

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SD GreenPoxy 33 / SD 4775

This is ideal as a general purpose laminating epoxy.

This epoxy resin system has been developed for tools and parts resistant to temperatures. 

A high-performance bio epoxy resin produced with up to 35% carbon content from plant and vegetable origin (bio-based carbon content dependent on hardener choice).
Clear laminate.
Good wetting out properties resulting in low resin consumption. High mechanical properties at ambient temperature, post cure at 40 to 60°C.
3 hardeners with extremely low viscosity, special infusion: SD 4772 / 4771 / 4770 suitable with ambient temperatures of 25 to 40°C. Designed for infusion or RTM processes, for large parts and very thick laminates.
3 hardeners for hand laminating and bonding: SD 4777 / 4775 / 4773

We are currently supplying with SD 4775

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