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Stoner Miracle Gloss (formerly Meguiars M-08 Mirror Glaze)

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Meguiars M-08 Maximum Mold Release Wax  was the GRP industries first paste release wax and  is still the most widely used, due to it's excellent performance. Can withstand exotherm of up to 120 C.

It is specially formulated to provide the maximum number of releases. Especially useful on tooling and on new molds.

Stoner Inc acquired the Meguiars brand and are now selling this popular wax as Stoner Miracle Gloss.

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How many coats of wax release should i give a new mould?

All new moulds should receive minimum 8 waxes, to be sure go into double figures 10 - 12, assuring you apply correctly ie small circular motions then wipe off with a suitable cloth , leave for 1 hour then repeat the process.

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