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The Glassfibre Handbook

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A guide to glass fibre techniques and materials, concentrating on manual lay-up methods of producing laminates and mouldings, and in casting and repair work. This book also covers tools, equipment, glass fibre kits and estimating material quantities

This book is a great example of what could be a difficult subject to understand, explained in a clear and practical way. Its not only a book that will advise you on the properties and history of glassfibre, but will guide you through to the use of glassfibre, techniques and useful tips. This book is great for the experienced and beginner alike. From Boats to model building it has it all

Contents include:

How GRP was born
Fabrication techniques
Glass fibre materials
Accelerators, catalysts and curing
Other materials
Quantities required
Tools and equipment
Design in GRP
Making Moulds
Moulded shapes
Casting, Potting and encapsulation
GRP at home
Transparent and translucent panels
Tanks in GRP
Garden pools and fishponds
GRP in model making
GRP hulls
Sandwich construction
Sheathing hulls
GRP car bodies
Car body repair
Repairs to GRP
Faults, causes and remedies


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