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Composite Materials Fabrication Handbook #1

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While most books on composites approach the subject from a very technical standpoint, CompositeMaterials presents practical, hands-on information about these versatile materials. From explanations of what a composite is, to demonstrations on how to actually utilise them in various projects, this book provides a simple, concise prespective of moulding and finishing techniques that will empower even the most apprehensive beginner.

First time composite workers will need a workspace and this book describes how to set up a shop that is both composite-friendly and safe. Once the shop is established, its time to begin using typical wet layup and moulding techniques.

If you've ever wondered how to use composite materials for some of your own projects, or which resin/fibre system is best for small projects, look no further than CompositeMaterials, your complete guide to composite construction in a small or home based workshop.


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