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VACflex P60 soft nylon bagging film

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VACflex P60 soft nylon bagging film is a high-performance product suitable for complex composite manufacturing processes, particularly where high tensile strength, abrasion and puncture resistance, thermal resistance, and vacuum sealability are critical. Its properties make it an essential component in achieving precision and quality in the production of composite parts.

VACflex P60 soft nylon bagging film s is a heat-stabilized, mono-layer nylon film designed specifically for oven and autoclave processing of complex parts. It is known for its softness and strength, providing excellent puncture resistance. This bagging film is particularly suitable for a range of applications in composite manufacturing.

In the broader context of composite manufacturing, bagging films like VACflex P60 are critical for successful manufacturing with closed molding, vacuum bagging, and out-of-autoclave processes. High-quality bagging films ensure precision, quality, and efficiency in the manufacturing process. They are customizable and supported by technical expertise, catering to specific needs like humidity resistance or tailored formatting to reduce labour costs.

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