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VMS2 Sealing Tape

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VMS2 Sealing Tape is a versatile and essential tool in the composites manufacturing process, especially in vacuum bagging applications. Its ability to create effective seals, coupled with its adaptability to various temperatures and substrates, makes it a valuable asset in diverse industrial sectors.

VMS2 Sealing Tape is a specialized product designed for use with resin barrier vacuum lines, specifically the VMS3 resin barrier vacuum line. It is available in a roll measuring 1.5mm x 30mm x 30mt.

Sealant tapes like the VMS2 Sealing Tape are essential in composite production processes, particularly in vacuum bagging, a method widely used in manufacturing. The primary function of these tapes is to evacuate air and compress the laminate during the vacuum bagging process. This contributes to a higher fiber-to-resin ratio, which in turn leads to reduced emissions and enhanced performance of the final product. Such sealant tapes are crucial in achieving an airtight seal between the vacuum bag film and the mold surface, or even between different layers of the bag itself.

Moreover, these tapes are formulated to be adaptable to a range of curing temperatures, from ambient to high temperature thermoplastic cures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This versatility makes them suitable for various industrial applications, including aerospace, wind energy, marine, and automotive manufacturing. They are also effective in bonding different types of substrates, including porous surfaces, due to their high flexibility and resistance to high temperatures.


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