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WEST SYSTEM - 207 Special Coating Hardener

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207  Special Coating Hardener is formulated for use with WEST SYSTEM 105 Resin for coating applications where a clear finish is desired, especially when working in humid conditions.
207 contains an ultraviolet inhibiting additive which improves the resistance of a WEST SYSTEM 105/207 mix to sunlight. However, the cured epoxy surface will still require long-term UV protection with a quality marine paint or a UV filtered varnish such as WEST SYSTEM 1000 Polyurethane Varnish. The UV-resistance additive gives a yellow tinge, so it is transparent but not colourless.
207 must be mixed in the correct ratio of 3 parts by volume of 105 Resin to 1 part by volume of 207 Hardener.
Dispensing pump 303 is advised for accurate measuring of 207 Special Coating Hardener.
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What is the Resin to Hardener ratio?

The WEST SYSTEM 207 hardener must be mixed in the correct ratio of 3 parts by weight of 105 Resin to 1 part by weight of 207 Hardener.

How is the USA version of WEST SYSTEM 207 hardener clear and the UK version has an amber tinge to it?

The American version of the WEST SYSTEM 207 Hardener is indeed completely clear. However, they are allowed to use chemicals over there which we are prohibited from using here in Europe. In order to give the WEST SYSTEM 207 Hardener it’s degree of UV resistance, it does have a yellow tinge to it. It is clear in the sense that it is transparent, but not clear as in optically clear.


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