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E-Glass 200gsm - (6oz) 760mm wide Aerialite

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Aerialite Surfboard Cloth - 6oz 760mm wide

Aerialite glass fabric is a specialized woven glass fiber material primarily developed for use in surfboards, offering a combination of light weight and high strength.

Key characteristics of Aerialite fabrics include:

Improved Manufacturing Process: These fabrics are designed for superior handling during the manufacturing process, enhancing wet-out (resin impregnation of the fibers) and clarity, which in turn reduces air bubbles.

Enhanced Strength and Durability: The high strength “S” Glass® fabrics, in particular, are favored by competitive surfers for their added strength, durability, and lightweight properties. These S-2 glass fabrics are also used by the US Military for ballistic protection, highlighting their robustness.

Versatile Fabric Options: Aerialite offers both standard “E” glass fabrics, suitable for typical glassing applications, and high strength “S” Glass® fabrics for more demanding applications.

Aesthetic and Functional Qualities: The fabric ensures a high-quality look and finish, with improved clarity and a smoother, whiter surface that enhances the application of graphics.

Technical Properties: The fabric is known for its satin glossiness, moderate acoustics, and good UV, weather, scratch, and chemical resistance. It's lightweight and has no odor.

Proprietary Processing and Finish: All Aerialite fabrics are processed with BGF’s proprietary A218 finish, which contributes to their distinct qualities.

Aerialite fabrics have been developed through extensive research and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the surfboard industry, making them a preferred choice for both recreational and competitive surfboard manufacturers.

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