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Ampreg 30 Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin - STANDARD

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Available in 3 cure speeds with a resin to hardener ratio of 100:26 by weight.

Ampreg™ 30 epoxy resin is meticulously engineered for crafting large composite structures through hand layup and vacuum bagging methods. It boasts enhanced safety due to its formulation with carefully chosen low-toxicity ingredients.

Its relatively low initial viscosity ensures effortless wetout with heavyweight reinforcements. Ampreg™ 30 is designed to deliver outstanding mechanical and thermal outcomes from both room-temperature cures and moderate postcures at 50°C. The system is compatible with the complete spectrum of Ampreg™ 3X Hardener speeds, ranging from Fast to Extra Slow, and is available in diverse packaging sizes, from small packs to drums and IBCs.

A unique feature of this epoxy resin is its Light Reflective Technology. When paired with a UV light-source, this technology allows for the detection of droplets as tiny as 1mm, making it easier to identify and address contamination, thereby enhancing industrial hygiene standards.

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