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Prime 37 Low Toxicity Infusion Epoxy - STANDARD

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The resin and hardener in this system are mixed at a ratio of 100:29 by weight.

PRIME™ infusion systems are versatile, suitable for crafting everything from singular carbon yacht masts to extensive 80' yacht hulls and wind turbine blades. With over two decades of successful applications, PRIME™ is pioneering the evolution of liquid epoxies for specialized "under the bag" infusion processes, such as:

RIFT (Resin Infusion Under Flexible Tooling)
VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding)
Introducing PRIME™ 37, designed to elevate laminate quality across a spectrum of liquid infusion composite methods. Gurit's groundbreaking fibre wetting technology accelerates infusion time while enhancing the laminate's finish.

Key features of PRIME™ 37's curing characteristics include:

Extended retention of lower mixed viscosity.
Quicker through-cure, eliminating the risk of a weaker "sugary" phase.
Superior exotherm management.
Moreover, PRIME™ 37 comes with Lloyd's certification and incorporates standard bio-based content. When combined with the award-winning Ampreg™ 3X low-toxicity hardeners, PRIME™ 37 not only sets the gold standard for health and safety but also offers customers customizable hardener speeds tailored to individual applications.

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