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A visit to the North East Maritime Trust

We often don’t see what’s sitting right on our doorstep, do we? We’d heard of the North East Maritime Trust before, as it’s just round the corner from our warehouses, and we supply them with some free materials from time to time, and always meant to pop in and say hello: Well yesterday, we finally got around to it, and it’s a fascinating place.
The NEMT was set up in 2005 to rescue and repair vessels with the aim of retaining some boat-building skills in the area, and reminding future generations of the region’s proud seafaring traditions and heritage.
They have successfully restored the coble “Royal Diadem II” and are currently working on the lifeboat “The Henry Frederick Swan”, as well as the foy boat “Joan” and the salmon fishing boat “Springtide”

Go and visit the fellas down there if you get the chance, they’re doing good and important work, and all voluntarily. They’re struggling for funds, please put your hand in your pocket if you can help!