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Chavant NSP Modelling Clay (sulphur free) - Hard

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Chavant NSP Fine Art Sculpting Clay, also known as Plasteline, is suitable for all educational levels and professional sculptors in the Fine Art, Special
Effect and Product Design industries.

NSP is a sulfur-free, somewhat tougher, waxier, sculpting Plasteline, used widely in Fine Arts and Special Effects.
Can be melted and poured at approximately 85º C.

Sold per 2 lb (906 g) block

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Q & A

Question: I am sculpting using chavant clay and find due to its tackiness I can’t seem to level or smooth the surface and it sometimes clings to my smoothing tools .I would like to know  some techniques to smooth the clay and create an even surface.

Answer: You could try using   rake tools or a serrated kidney tool use these tools to rake the surfaces from all different directions.  This will remove high points and help fill in low points. Repeat this  process  moving down towards  finer and finer rake tools as you go.

Once done you can smooth the surface further using heat or solvents.  Some solvents that we know work on Chavant are  Lighter Fluid, Mineral Spirits, Turps, I find that isopropyl alcohol however isn’t as aggressive as say lighter fluid so it blends slower and give you more control, use lighter fluid however if you want to accelerate the softening for example on large projects like life sized heads etc .  Other solvents may  work but you would have to research further or experiment. If working on something small use a very soft small art brush with the ispropanol. A small silicone smoothing  tool such as the ones used by tilers can work great for smoothing on large sculptures like life sizes faces, although you can get pen sized rubber sculpting tools  for smaller sculpts? 

Some artists also use a heat gun, lighter or small flame torch to smooth the surface with heat.  You have to be real careful with this method though when working with  Chavant that you don’t melt  your sculpts features altogether or cause sagging.  

As a final step use baby powder to further burnish the surface. 

Also consider which chavant is best for you, we do soft ,medium and hard.  Medium is the standard for most condition that are at room temperature.  Soft is better is working in colder conditions especially if outdoors in a work shed or cold workshop or garage.  For warmer climates you can go for the hard version although you may still need to heat the product to find a good balance between being pliable and easy to carve.

we  would suggest testing all of these techniques on a test sculpt before applying them to your main project.

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