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Crestamould RTR 4010 PA Tooling Resin

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Crestamould RTR 4010 PA Tooling Resin is a new, improved rapid tooling resin which incorporates better handling properties, lower viscosity, improved shrinkage control and is catalysed with standard MEKP catalyst. RTR 4010PA is a thixotropic, filled, low profile resin for hand-lay mould making applications. RTR 4010PA helps to achieve faster mould making and eliminates surface distortion, forming part of Scott Baders new mould making system, which also comprises of Crystic GC15PA and Crestamould VE679PA skincoat.


Crestamould RTR 4010 PA Tooling Resin is designed for hand-lay applications and must be allowed to attain a minimum workshop temperature of 18°C before use (20°C to 24°C is recommended). It should be mixed thoroughly prior to use and requires only the addition of MEKP catalyst to start the curing reaction. The recommended catalyst is Catalyst M (or Butanox®M50), which should be added at 1% into the resin and thoroughly dispersed. The recommended resin-to-glass ratio for chopped strand mat glass reinforcement is at least 2.5-to-1 by weight.
The design, complexity and size of the mould will determine optimum reinforcement levels and thickness. At least 3 layers of 450gsm chopped strand glass mat, or equivalent, is required and should be applied in a single operation to achieve sufficient cure and low shrink performance. The material will undergo a colour change becoming whiter as the curing reaction takes place.

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Q. Could you please let me know the maximum service temperature of your product RTR 4010PA once a mould has been completed and post cured?

A. The base resin for RTR 4010PA would have a high heat distortion point but the additives it contains to reduce shrinkage  would reduce this so it would be recommended to have a maximum temperature the mould could be exposed to in service of 60 – 70 deg c .
Scott Bader
Scott Bader
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