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Optimould Tooling Resin (including catalyst)

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The Gazechim Optimould tooling resin is an advanced one-pack system designed for the efficient creation of tools and molds. This product allows for the rapid construction of laminate layers with significantly reduced shrinkage, which is a key benefit over traditional tooling methods. It is engineered to provide superior dimensional stability, ensuring the precision of your tools and molds with reduced fiber print-through.

Before using the Optimould resin, it is crucial to mix the pre-packaged material thoroughly to achieve optimal results. The resin needs to be conditioned to at least 20°C, and the ambient temperature of the workspace and master plug should not fall below 15°C. When applying, a gel coat should first be used on the master mold, followed by a skin coat of 300g matt for durability and ease of future repairs.

The glass fiber layers should be cut to achieve approximately 5-6mm of laminate, and the Optimould resin should be applied with a specific resin-to-glass ratio for optimal strength and durability. The application should be done carefully to avoid air entrapment and to ensure proper layer adhesion. Monitoring the exotherm (heat generated during the curing process) is vital for the success of the process, with a noticeable color change in the laminate indicating proper curing.

In terms of physical properties, Optimould tooling resin has a specific viscosity and a set gel time at controlled temperatures. Its mechanical properties include notable tensile and flexural strength, along with a certain percentage of glass content and heat distortion temperature, showcasing its robustness and durability for various applications.

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It is very warm in our workshop can i use less catalyst?

No, you must use the standard 2% catalyst as advised otherwise full cure will not occur, if you are constructing moulds try working earlier in the day when temperatures are lower or use 2 operators to laminate.
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