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Crystic 489 PA Polyester Resin (including catalyst)

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Crystic 489PA is a thixotropic, isophthalic polyester resin renowned for its superior performance in moulding boat hulls when used alongside Crystic Gelcoat 65PA. This resin system offers exceptional durability and blister resistance. Crystic 489PA is tinted blue to facilitate easy identification and removal of trapped air in laminates. It provides rapid impregnation with excellent wetting characteristics and freedom from drainage, making it suitable for continuous rovings, carbon fibres, and aramid fibres.


1. Marine Industry: Primarily used for moulding boat hulls, ensuring long-lasting durability and superior blister resistance in marine environments.
2. Aerospace and Automotive: Suitable for components that require high mechanical strength and impact resistance.
3. Industrial Components: Used in the fabrication of parts that need to maintain strength and integrity in wet environments at temperatures up to 40ºC.


1. Outstanding Durability: Ensures long-term performance and resistance to blistering, even in harsh marine conditions.
2. Superior Wetting Characteristics: Allows for rapid impregnation of fibres, providing high-quality, consistent laminates.
3. High Mechanical Properties: Fully cured laminates exhibit excellent strength and impact resistance, crucial for demanding applications.
4. Temperature and Moisture Resistance: Retains strength in wet environments and at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for marine and other high-moisture applications.
5. Ease of Use: The blue tint helps in identifying and removing trapped air, ensuring the quality of the final product.
6. Lloyd’s Register and DNV Approved: Meets the stringent standards required for marine applications, ensuring reliability and safety.

Usage Instructions

- Preparation: Bring the resin to workshop temperature (18ºC - 20ºC) before use.
- Catalyst Addition: Add 1% or 2% of Catalyst M (or Butanox M50) and mix thoroughly.
- Application: Suitable for hand-lay applications. Ensure proper ventilation due to styrene emissions.
- Post Curing: For optimal properties, cure the laminate for 24 hours at 20ºC, followed by post-curing at 80ºC for 3 hours or 40ºC for 16 hours.

Storage and Handling

- Storage Conditions: Store in a dark, closed container at temperatures below 20ºC, not exceeding 30ºC.
- Shelf Life: Use within 3 months.
- Handling Precautions: Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for safety guidelines. Use appropriate PPE and ensure good ventilation during use.

Crystic 489PA's combination of high performance, ease of use, and regulatory approvals makes it an ideal choice for demanding marine and industrial applications. For more detailed information, always refer to the technical data sheet. To comply with Hazardous transport regulations, and to provide the lowest transport cost, larger amounts of this resin may be decanted into 5L containers or delivered on a pallet. Please read the Safety Data Sheet before use.

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