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Farecla Marine Profile Range

Farécla Profile range includes a range of pastes and liquids for cutting and polishing the latest marine coatings. Not only does Profile provide a standout finish, but can also deliver a saving in labour and materials.

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Farecla, established in 1952, has grown to become a leading manufacturer of surface finishing solutions. Originating in the UK, the company has expanded its reach globally, developing and manufacturing a range of compounds, polishes, and applicators. Farecla's products are renowned for their quality and effectiveness, particularly in automotive and marine industries. Their commitment to innovation and meeting customer needs has solidified their reputation in the market.

Farecla is renowned for its high-quality surface finishing products, particularly in the marine sector. Their product range is designed to cater to both professional and amateur users, focusing on efficiency and superior results. Farecla products are formulated to tackle various surface imperfections, from oxidation to fine scratches, ensuring a flawless finish on boats and yachts. Their innovative formulations provide efficient cutting action, high gloss finishes, and long-lasting protection, making them a popular choice in the marine industry for maintaining the aesthetic and durability of vessels.