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Making stage props

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Making Stage props.

Prop makers everywhere, whether amateur, student or professional, now have available to them a broader range of products and processes than ever before. Age old traditional techniques are still used alongside the revolutionary materials of the last half century, and now increased awareness of safety has led to abother generation of products.
Making stage props is a book for anyone involved wishes to explore the wealth of materials and techniques open to them. Supported by over 200 photos and drawings, the book covers: . Planning, costing and scheduling.
. Tools and workshop facilities, and detailed health and safety information.
. Cutting, shaping and turning wood;making and repairing furniture.
. Cutting, bending and welding mild steel.
. Modelling clay and other materials.
. Making moulds in plaster and flexible mould compounds.
. Life casting.
. Casting and laminating with polyester. epoxy and urethane resins, latex and other materials.
. Carving, turning and finishing polystyrene.
. Stage upholstery and techniques.
. Painting, gilding and other finishes.

As a freelance propmaker, andy Wilson has worked for companies throughout Britain, ranging from the smallest touring companies to Royal Shakespeare company, and from contemporary dance to commercial pantomime. he has also been a master carpenter for several regional rep theatres, and built puppets and fire sculptures for large outdoor events. He currently teaches prop making at the Guilhall school of music and drama.


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