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MTI Hose (membrane infusion hose)

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MTI® is the abbreviation for Membrane Tube Infusion and describes a suction hose sheathed with membrane for vacuum infusion.

The MTI® hose is an air-permeable and resin-blocking line for the evacuation of air. It impresses with its ease of use and a considerable simplification of the infusion process for the user. The MTI® hose can be used for any part size and any degree of complexity, from small trim parts up to the rotor blade of a wind turbine.

The MTI® hose significantly increases process safety. Parts produced in the MTI® process feature a superior laminate quality. By utilising the MTI® hose, even inexperienced users will succeed in the production of complex parts with surfaces that will be free of porosity and pinholes as well as feature fibre volume contents of > 50%.

The MTI® infusion process is often a cost-effective alternative to the production of components in an autoclave without having to sacrifice part quality and often producing better surface quality.
Furthermore, vacuum pressing can be replaced by manual lamination, often achieving significantly higher parts quality as well as a cost reduction without additional effort.


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