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Clear Polyethylene Infusion Hose - 10mm

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PET infusion hose is a versatile and cost-effective solution for resin infusion processes, offering the necessary durability and flexibility for both vacuum and resin transport. Its suitability for a range of temperatures, along with its resistance to crushing, makes it a reliable option for industrial and manufacturing applications.

Made of polyethylene (PET), the hose balances stiffness and flexibility. It's strong enough to resist crushing, yet flexible enough to handle various applications. This combination makes it suitable for both disposable and more permanent uses when fitted with appropriate barbed or push-to-connect fittings,

The hose is designed to operate effectively up to a maximum temperature of 55°C (131°F). This makes it unsuitable for processes involving pre-preg heat, but it's well-suited for post-curing processes and other applications within its temperature range

Compared to more flexible clear PVC hoses, this polyethylene infusion hose is a better choice, especially on the vacuum side of applications. Flexible PVC hoses can easily crush and choke off if bent around tight corners, a problem that this sturdier polyethylene hose avoids.

Internal diameter 10mm


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