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Low Temperature Sealing Tape

  • Description
  • VACsealBl - low temperature sealing tape

    1 roll is 15mt x 12mm x 3mm
    Vacuum Bag Sealant Tape
    ● Economic low cost vacuum bag sealant tape
    ● Excellent tack
    ● Ideally suited to debulking operations at ambient temperatures and high temperature envelope bagging applications
    ● Material compatible with most substrates (including composite tools) and film materials
    ● For optimum results, tape must be allowed to cool to ambient before stripping from mould surfaces

    • Maximum Use Temperature Up to 150°C bag to tool Up to 150°C bag to bag
    • Colour Black
    • Solids 100%
    • Flammability Not flammable but combustible

    •VACsealB has low toxicity, is non irritant and non injurious to skin
    • It should be stored in its original containers, under ideal conditions of between 5 and 25°C
    • The material has a 1 year shelf life
    • Material must be stored flat

  • This product may contain hazardous chemicals. Customers must read the safety data sheet below before use

  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Low Temperature Sealing Tape Safety Data Sheet

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