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WEST SYSTEM 205 Fast Hardener

  • Description
  • 205 Hardener is used in a majority of situations to produce a rapid cure and results in an epoxy which develops its physical properties quickly. When mixed with 105 resin, the cured system yields a high-strength, rigid solid which has excellent cohesive properties and provides an outstanding moisture vapour barrier with excellent bonding and coating properties.
    105/205 Pot Life At 25°C 10 to 15 minutes
    Cure To Solid State At 21°C 5 to 7 hours
    Cure To Maximum Strength At 21°C. 5 to 7 days
    Minimum Recommended Temperature 5°C
    Pumps Required (5:1 ratio) 301, 306, 309
    205 Hardener must be mixed in the correct ratio of 5 parts by weight of 105 Resin to 1 part by weight of 205 Hardener.

  • Technical Questions
  • What is the mix ratio for resin vs hardener?

    You would use 5 parts resin by weight to one part hardener.

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  • Safety Data Sheet
  • WEST SYSTEM 205 Fast Hardener Safety Data Sheet

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • WEST SYSTEM 205 Fast Hardener Technical Data Sheet

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