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Seajet 015 Acrylic Underwater Primer

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Seajet 015 Underwater Primer is an effective one-part acrylic resin-based primer designed for underwater use. It's primarily utilized as a barrier primer, providing excellent adhesion to previous coats on surfaces like GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) and wood. This primer is noted for its quick-drying properties and forms a tough yet flexible film that offers good sea water resistance.

It is particularly suitable for timber, glass fiber, aluminum, or steel surfaces, ensuring smooth application and excellent coverage. Depending on the application method, the coverage ranges from 5.3 to 10m˛/L. The primer is available in different sizes, including 750ml and 2.5l options, and comes in silver color. It's recommended for new anti-fouling applications or as a binder coat for old anti-fouls, but it's essential to note that it should only be used below the waterline.

For drying times, at 5°C, the primer is touch dry in 1 hour and hard dry in 6 hours. At 10°C, it's touch dry in 50 minutes and hard dry in 5 hours. It's always recommended to check the product datasheet for detailed application guidelines and to ensure compatibility with the specific needs of your vessel.

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