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Self Adhesive Foil Roll - 600mm wide

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A 30 micron soft tempered bright aluminium foil. Coated with a pure acrylic adhesive, particularly suited to very low temperatures.

This has many uses within the fibreglassing industry. It can be used as an easy release barrier when coating plugs that don’t require a high cosmetic finish. For example if you are making a part and you don’t mind the odd join, line crease etc on your moulded part then you can use this product for a quick turnaround saving you from having to seal a porous plug/mould former this will reduce effort and time.

One example of when this can be used is when making custom motorbike seat pans which will usually be covered in foam and leather later anyway so the surface finish isn’t important for the fibreglass seat pan moulding. Simply remove the backing from the tape apply it to your former’s surface and rub down creases and join lines as bet you can, apply a light coat of mould release wax and you’re ready to apply your materials.

The tape is so easy to release from on its own without wax although the wax aids release for the fibreglass laminate and makes removing the tape from your part a lot easier. It can also be used in several layers to make quick easy flanging for split moulds, again for non -critical moulds.

It can also be used to line polystyrene sculpts as a protective layer against polyester resin which would usually melt polystyrene upon contact. Many sculptors use this method


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