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General Purpose Polyester Resin 2-8500PA (including catalyst)

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General Purpose Polyester Resin Crystic 2-8500PA is an orthophthalic polyester resin designed for a variety of non-critical and industrial applications. Notably, it features low styrene emissions and quickly saturates reinforcements, making it efficient and user-friendly. However, it is not suitable for boat building, applications requiring high chemical resistance, or items intended for food contact. This resin should be brought to room temperature (18°C - 20°C) before use and mixed thoroughly to ensure optimal performance. The recommended catalyst for this resin is Catalyst M (or Butanox M50), added at a 1% ratio.


1. Industrial Manufacturing: Ideal for producing a wide range of non-critical industrial components where high performance is not crucial.
2. Construction Materials: Suitable for creating various construction-related materials and products.
3. Reinforced Plastics: Used in the production of reinforced plastic products that do not require high chemical resistance.
4. General Fabrication: Applicable in general-purpose fabrication tasks, including the creation of prototypes and molds.


1. Low Styrene Emissions: Reduces environmental impact and improves safety for workers by minimizing styrene emissions during application.
2. Efficient Saturation: Rapidly wets out reinforcements, ensuring a thorough and consistent application, which enhances the overall quality of the final product.
3. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of industrial and general-purpose applications, offering flexibility in use.
4. Ease of Use: Designed to be user-friendly with straightforward mixing and application processes. The thixotropic nature helps prevent sagging during application.
5. Optimal Performance at Room Temperature: Performs best when used at standard room temperatures, making it practical for most workshop environments.
6. Reliable Curing: The recommended catalyst, Catalyst M or Butanox M50, ensures reliable curing times, which can be adjusted based on temperature to meet specific needs.


At 15°C 42 minutes
At 20°C 22 minutes
At 25°C 17 minutes

Usage Instructions:

- Preparation: Ensure the resin is at room temperature (18°C - 20°C) before use.
- Mixing: Mix thoroughly, preferably with a low shear mixer to avoid air entrapment. Let it sit briefly to restore its thixotropic properties.
- Catalyst Addition: Use Catalyst M (or Butanox M50) at a 1% ratio, ensuring complete blending into the resin.

Health and Safety

Always consult the safety guidelines and the technical data sheet before using General Purpose Polyester Resin Crystic 2-8500PA to ensure safe and effective application.

Reviews (3)
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3 Reviews:

Does what it says on the tin
24 June 2024  | 

Good price general purpose resin , easy to use .

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11 March 2024  | 

Simple to use but Very effective in application, mix ratio's give good handling and curing times to ensure a steady production time for any size project

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Perfect for me
20 October 2022  | 

I've been using this resin for years and find it very easy to work with and always gives excellent and consistant results. I've used it way beyond it's shelf life with no issues too. Delivery is always fast from East Coast Fiber as well so I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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How mush resin would i use for every square metre of material?

It depends upon the weight of the reinforcement , for example if it were a layer of 600g chopped strand matt you would use a resin to glass ratio of say 2:1 therefore you would need approximately 1.2kg of Resin, the same rules apply for 300g , 450g and 900g matting.

Scott Bader
Scott Bader
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