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Vacuum pump oil - Javac

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This vacuum pump oil from Javac is a specially formulated oil essential for the efficient operation and maintenance of vacuum pumps. Its properties of lubrication, cooling, sealing, and contaminant management ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the pump, making it a crucial component in vacuum systems.

Vacuum pump oil is a vital component in the performance and longevity of vacuum pumps, particularly rotary vane pumps used in HVAC applications. It serves several key functions:

Lubrication: The primary role of vacuum pump oil is to lubricate the moving parts of the pump, protecting against wear and tear. The right viscosity of the oil is critical for efficient pump operation. If the oil is not viscous enough, it can lead to the creation of leaks, reducing pump performance. Conversely, oil that is too viscous may not be adequately distributed within the pump, leading to wear and poor performance​​.

Sealing and Cooling: Vacuum pump oil helps to seal the vanes in rotary vane pumps. It also cools the pump by transferring heat from the stator to the outer casing, where it can be dissipated. This dual function of sealing and cooling ensures the pump operates effectively and maintains its structural integrity over time​​.

Protecting from Corrosion and Contamination: The oil protects metal parts from corrosion caused by oxygen and vapor from the system. It also aids in creating a seal between high and low-pressure sections of the pump, which is essential for preventing unwanted contamination within the pump​​.

Vapor and Contaminant Management: The oil has a low vapor pressure, which is crucial for operating at extremely low pressures without evaporating. This property is particularly important in deep vacuum applications. Additionally, the oil helps transfer contaminants from the pump to the atmosphere through pressure difference and evaporation​​.

Gas Ballast Function: The oil works with the gas ballast feature of vacuum pumps, which allows air to enter into the pump during the initial stage of vacuum. This helps prevent moisture contamination and fouling of the oil in wet systems, extending the life of both the oil and the pump.

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